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You have taken my money but my product was meant to turn up today and never, I’ve reached out via email and other platforms and I am getting no response, yet since you have updated your website to show the products out of stock. Please contact me asap or I will be cancelling.

Awesome bit of kit

Got it for my teenage daughter who had infected eczema and psoriasis over 70% of her body, very much stress related due to bullying at school. Wasn't responding too well to the creams provided so I decided to order this after consulting some medical friends. What can I say? Worked a treat, as long as my daughter remembered to use it. Scars dried up and once gone left her with unblemished skin.

Want to return it

The product information is inconsistent with the information I received from my physician about use of such a device.

Hi Cynthia, we have sent an email with return instructions.

Kind regards
UV Derma

Didn’t help

Unfortunately didn’t help at all despite using it as instructed for over 2months.
Made my scalp psoriasis worse but didn’t have an effect of psoriasis on my body.


I admit, I was a bit nervous when I saw it was shipping from China & saw some negative reviews. I was honestly surprised when it showed up on time! I opened it up right away & went through the manual. Some reviews said the instructions were difficult to follow, but I didn’t find that to be the case at all. It also comes with a genuine Phillips UVB bulb.. I was a bit worried it would be a no-name brand. I’ve been using it consistently since I got it 2 weeks ago & I’m seeing improvement already. All in all, this has been great so far!


Hi Rusty, Due to incomplete delivery info provided at checkout, your order has been returned to us by DHL and refunded. You should have received emails from us and a contact from DHL asking for updated address information. If we can be of further assistance, please feel free to reach out at any time, and we will be happy to assist.

Kind regards,
UV Derma - Customer Service

If only I could understand the instructions…

I have chronic psoriasis - stress related and was advised this would be helpful but the instructions are so complicated that I can’t even get started with it.
I think the user manual needs a complete overhaul.
I.e Step One - your skin type. Step 2 test patch (this is not body part specific). Step 3 usage. Simplify it.

Difficult Instructions

You'd need to be a trained medical professional or the person who invented the tech to understand the user manual. For home use, it's of 'no use'! There needs to be a video link with a step by step 'how to use' guide. After reviewing the highly technical guide supplied with the device, I'm now reluctant to use it!


What a difference ! I don’t know why I waited so long!

I’m sure it works. Just not for me. Far too awkward with heavy attachment Refund received

Excellent product. You have to be patient as it will take a while for results but works very well. Great investment for flare ups


I still not have received it!!!! Ordered mid January… I don’t even see a tracking number on Shop. I sent an email about it and no answer yet

Hi Sebastien,

Apologies for the delay, we have sent an email again with tracking. Please follow the link and you can arrange collection or redelivery from DHL after providing the updated information.

You should also have an email at the top of your inbox If you require further assistance

Kind regards,
Customer Support

UVDERMA Handheld Narrowband UVB Phototherapy Lamp Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema

Very good product

Phototherapy is very effective in relieving psoriasis. It is very comfortable to be able to do the treatment at home. The lamp works very well and is very safe


Hey so I purchased the light for vitiligo and I was wondering do yours get a little hot or feel a little warm from the lamb.
What type of temperature do you feel ?

UVDERMA Large Handheld UVB Phototherapy Lamp | Psoriasis, Vitiligo, Eczema

2nd attempt!

Still after the 2nd mailing I have not gotten my merchandise!!!

UVB wand

Excellent results. I have had uvb light treatment on the nhs over many years for eczema and this lamp is just as affective. If you stick to the guidelines enclosed in the package, the results are brilliant. Itching becomes less severe after a couple of treatments until it gradually disappears and the eczema spots and lesions go crusty and faded during the treatment.

Good customer service

I order item for my wife we using it every day no improve at all didnt work for her I send email from 05.10.2022 for same reason the email lost .But kindly contacting me and asking me to return the item which I did and received refund day after very good customer service .recommended them

It really works

It was my last attempt to do something about my psoriasis patches, i had them all over my body, elbows, legs, back and on my head.
After two months use i would highly recommend,
It is a bit of money to pay to buy the lamp but totally worth it.First results for me were visible after a month and half.

Traitement efficace.

Je viens de me procurer ce merveilleux appareil. J'ai parfaitement confiance à son efficacité. Le service de livraison fut excellent. Je vous propose toutefois quelques suggestions: Un livret d'instruction, en français, pour les francophones et une simplification de la marche à suivre pour les traitements, ce serait fort apprécié, car le présent livret est fort difficile à comprendre. Merci!

not good

I sent you an email when I got the UVDERMA- when I opened the box there was no cord to plug it in. I have not hear a word. SO my feedback is that your customer service need to have a huge improvement. Someone please answer my email.

Hi Sara, a member of the team will email you now to assist.

Customer Service


doesn't work and actually received the wrong item.

I still haven’t received my order.

It said I would have my product in 6 business days. That was over a week ago and the app that I’m supposed to download to track my order only says it’s “In Transit”. This was not a cheap purchase and I hope someone reaches out to me to get this resolved.

Hi Eric

We have just emailed you with another update.

Unfortunately, at times our couriers can't deliver to PO Boxes due to the size of the parcel. When this happens we will either ask for a new address or provide you with a refund.